The Entirety Of Us (2016) 

The inspiration behind The Entirety of Us is a bit more jumble-y that my other work. 

It has something to do with the prismatic spectrum and the nature of light. It has something to do with seeing and being seen. And it has something to do with the individual vs. the group.

I'll refine that thought a bit more, but in the meantime, please check out some beautiful images that Arna Bajraktarević took of dancers Shelby Joyce, Nikki Pfeiffer, Nicole Powell, Natalia Perea, and Lauren Serrano, at right.

Also, if you have Spotify, you can listen to the music I'm planning to use, entitled Swingtime by Woo, here

Check our the performance page for upcoming showings of Part I of The Entirety Of Us and back again for a video sometime soon!